Deputy Commissioner Muzaffargarh has taken a number of initiatives for the betterment of the district. A few of them are mentioned as below:

Decentralization of Authority of Issuance of Domiciles

Earlier, issuance of domiciles of the residents of district Muzaffargarh was centralized at headquarters. Residents of the district had to travel long distance for submission of papers at domicile branch of DC Office. They had to travel again after two / three days to get domicile certificate from DC Office. In order to facilitate general public, this power of issuance of domiciles has been devolved to Assistant Commissioners at Tehsil level. This step has been appreciated by the residents of district Muzaffargarh.

Direct Accessibility of People to Deputy Commissioner

Office of Deputy Commissioner is an open office for all residents. Any person with any issue / grievance can visit and meet Deputy Commissioner during office hours for the redressal of his  grievance. Official number of Deputy Commissioner has been displayed at all important branches of DC office, Arazi Record Centers and all health facilities. People can directly call Deputy Commissioner for the resolution of their grievance issues.

Uniform Upgradation of Labour Rooms of all 72 Health Facilities

All labour rooms of health facilities in the district have been upgraded on uniform standards / basis. All basic medicines and facilities alongwith 24/7 availability of WMOs, LHVs and Ayas have been ensured.